Chicken and Almond Pita Snacks
> > > Chicken and Almond Pita Snacks

A nice flavor combination of savory and sweet. Easy to make.

4 regular size pita pockets (4-6 inch)

6 oz low fat chicken slices
8 tsp light cream cheese
8 tsp. Red jalapeno jelly
8 tsp slivered almonds
8 lettuce small leaves
Cut pitas in half. Open pockets and spread inside of each pita half with 1 tsp cream cheese and 1 tsp jelly. Fill each pita pocket with equally divided chicken slices. Sprinkle inside each half with almond slices and stuff with lettuce leaf.

Cut in half to form 2 triangles

Makes 4 servings or 16 appetizers
Calories per piece 120
Fat 4.5